Thursday, January 6, 2011


  "Hardcore is the style that began in the early 80s, often applied to 
    bands such as Black Flag, Minor Threat, Sick of It All, Bad Brains, 
    Rollins Band, Fugazi, etc.--sort of "2nd wave" punk bands.  They were 
    sloppy punk bands that played with more intensity and heaviness than 
    earlier ones like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, etc.  Today's hardcore 
    bands are tighter and much heavier, and can be divided into two general 
    types (usually called East Coast or West Coast, for where the band is, 
    but it's not always consistent).  The first type are smoother, with 
    heavy grooves that flow, with a vocalist that sings (or at least tries 
    to) or shouts.  The second type is heavier, with tight, stop-and-go 
    rhythms and harsh vocals that are a cross between shouts and low 

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