Wednesday, February 16, 2011

life as a third degree criminal

Life sucks. Life sucks balls thought 15-year old Mark Carmen. How did I get myself into this mess he asked himself. Mark traced the lines on his palm over and over again. Mark had been in juvie but he had turned 18 while still in there and was shipped over to the jail. (Which was right across the street by the way.)

"Mark Carmen," asked a police officer.

"Yes, that’s me," Mark replied in a very somber tone.

"You can go home now," replied the officer. Unlocking the gate, the guard strided over and unlocked Mark’s handcuffs. Mark silently walked out of jail and into the public traffic. It was now 8 pm and everyone was buzzing to get home. Walking by people who merely gave him nothing more than a sideways glance always aggravated him. Now he appreciated it more than ever. As he was walking down the crowded streets, nothing seemed right. Everything had changed in those 4 and a half months and no one ever told him. Soon he found himself back on track as he passes the Lotus Flower. He took a quick peek inside and thought he saw his friend Albert Macintosh. Mark looked more closely. Yep, that is defiantly him.

Albert’s POV

I loved my life at the moment. I loved everything about except for one little thing that was nagging me at the back of my head. Today was important, but I couldn’t remember why. I couldn’t quite hear the voice so I told myself to quit worrying. I had the perfect girl, the love of my life Lucy Mayflower. I was having the time of life so I decided to buy myself another drink. No, I never get drunk. Trust me; neither does Lucy.

"Hey bartender, one shot of tequila please. On the rocks"

"Coming right up sir……………………………here you go" the guy said giving me my drink.

"Thank-you," I said placing a five-dollar bill on the counter. "Keep the change"

"Hey baby. Whatcha got there?" my girl friend Lucy asked.

"Just something little babe. It won’t hurt."

"Well, ok. If you say so," she said and walked off. I just love that girl. 

Lucy’s POV

I turned around and walked away. I was keeping track but didn’t need to. I knew Albert. There was no way he was gonna get drunk, he never does. I turned to look back at Albert and I saw HIM. I mean ya sure Mark and Albert were good friends, but that guy has been in jail too much. I raced over to Albert and turned him around. He gasped.

Albert’s POV
Crap. Crap. Crap. That was it. That was what the little voice was saying. I could finally hear it now "Mark’s coming out of jail today. Mark’s coming out of jail today." I believe I couldn’t remember that my best friend was getting out of jail today. He looked at me and smiled.

Marks POV

He saw me. I ran over to him and gave him a man hug. I was soooooo excited. I wondered where Lucy was. I had to ask her something right away.

"Albert, where is Lucy. Is she here?" I asked.

"Ya man she’s here. But why do you want her?"

"Because I am going to ask her out. Before I went to jail she said she would wait for me. And now I’m here," I said while getting up.

"Whoa whoa whoaaa", he said, "let me go talk to her before ok"


Albert’s POV

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? She said that!!!!!!!!! I’m going to set my thoughts straight right now and go ask her I thought while walking over.

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