Friday, January 28, 2011


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aku bukanlah sbijak mane,
aku bukanlah sekacak mane,
aku bukanlah seperiang mane,
aku bukanlah serious mane,
aku bukanlah setangkas mane,
aku bukanlah sekejam mane,
aku bukanlah segagah mane,
aku bukanlah selemah mane.

if you want to be disclosed by the words ... it would not be finished ... but the meaning is only one ....
I'm not perfect ......

Thursday, January 27, 2011


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The Mint Chicks "Screens" 
Posted below are videos for two singles released from "Screens". Both as visually inspiring and fresh as the music they were produced for.

kegilaan gadget yang melampau....

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

my career depends on my mind???

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Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Most people spend half or more of their waking hours five days a week at their jobs. While selecting a career can be a difficult process, the following tips can make this process easier for you.
  1. Extensive reading about potential careers is vital. You will discover details about careers that you were not aware of. It's important to collect vital information such as career descriptions, career outlooks, employment statistics, educational requirements, and potential earnings.
  2. Interviewing people in the field is an excellent way to learn about the various aspects of a career. Doing this may also provide good networking opportunities. Informational interviews often change a person's perspective about an occupation. You can find interview candidates by asking friends, teachers, members of an alumni association, and neighbors. You can also contact relevant professional associations and societies, and visit appropriate social and professional networking sites online.
  3. Internships provide excellent opportunities for acquiring a realistic, clear picture about the daily duties and job satisfaction of a particular occupation. Also, internships provide valuable networking opportunities that may lead to a job. Further, companies often hire interns that perform well. Volunteering also provides many of the advantages of an internship.
  4. Find a mentor. Many colleges and employers have a formal mentoring program. Also, formal mentoring organizations are available that match mentors with individuals. It's a great way to learn about a career and a mentor can provide valuable networking opportunities. "Mentworking" is a new trend which combines mentoring and networking, and which has shown good results.
  5. The possibility for a job being outsourced to foreign countries is an important consideration. Job outsourcing information and forecasts can be collected from sources such as articles on the Internet, magazine articles, college counselors, career counselors, professors, employment agencies, and relevant professional associations.
  6. Look for lists of "hot jobs" on the Internet and in magazines. Do this frequently since these lists keep changing. A "hot job" today may not be "hot" next year or the year after. When evaluating these lists keep in mind your interests, skills, and job satisfaction requirements.
  7. Many community colleges have career centers that provide free individual and group career counseling. Career counselors can provide assistance with the self-evaluation process, choosing a career, and the job search process.
  8. Take into consideration the amount of job opportunities in your area for each career you are considering. This is vital if you intend to stay in your current location.
  9. The skills required for a career are an essential factor for an individual's potential for success in that career. Write a list of the skills needed for a particular field. Place a check next to each skill you possess. The more checks you make, the more likely this field is right for you.
  10. Your aptitudes should be a vital factor in your career selection process. A gratifying career is often built upon a match with what you are naturally good at. Natural strengths allow an individual to work with ease and to acquire expertise faster.
  11. Explore the advancement opportunities of each potential occupation. Does advancement require additional education? Will additional education and certification provide you with a significant advantage over the competition? Are supervisory and management opportunities available?

Thursday, January 6, 2011


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  "Hardcore is the style that began in the early 80s, often applied to 
    bands such as Black Flag, Minor Threat, Sick of It All, Bad Brains, 
    Rollins Band, Fugazi, etc.--sort of "2nd wave" punk bands.  They were 
    sloppy punk bands that played with more intensity and heaviness than 
    earlier ones like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, etc.  Today's hardcore 
    bands are tighter and much heavier, and can be divided into two general 
    types (usually called East Coast or West Coast, for where the band is, 
    but it's not always consistent).  The first type are smoother, with 
    heavy grooves that flow, with a vocalist that sings (or at least tries 
    to) or shouts.  The second type is heavier, with tight, stop-and-go 
    rhythms and harsh vocals that are a cross between shouts and low 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Sunday, January 2, 2011


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syukur ke hadrat ilahi kerane mengizinkan aku utk still lgbepijak dimuke bumi ini...
nk dijadikan cerita..tyme 2 aku bru balik dr kuatan..wif my housemate..(pokbam,poksu,gmok n apiz)sory..hnye name samaran je aku ltak....hahha..ok2..siyes balik..tyme 2 dlm pkol 9.30 mlm..tyme 2 aku ngah drive..apabila smpai je kat trafic light dpn umah aku ni..aku cm rase xsdap aty je..jntung aku brdegup kncang..blu rome naik aku hnye brdiam je cz mybe aku pnt kot sbb seharian klua...aku pon mlintasi trafiq light 2 dgn slumber jela...
last2 smpai jgk kat umah aku..aku pon naik la blik aku n stnby utk mndi..kire dlm pkol 10.10..mem aku si gmok ni tbe2 kol aku..dlm aty aku ni..pahal lak mamat buncit ni kol aku(smbil mengaru kepale)..aku pon pick up la then dgn suare nye cm ikan da kurang oksigen 2 g taw aku..yoooooo(nme glamour aku la katekan)cpt trun...dtg kat trafic light ni ade org xcdent...kepale ptus..otak terburai....
hmpir jatuh n luhuh aty aku smbil mengucap ashaduala ilahaillahhh....sbhanallhh...
tnpe mmkirkan ape2 hlngn skalipon..aku trus mndaptkn shelai baju aku(jc chlseaaa)n trus pegi ke tmpat kjadian....
ya allhhh....ya tuhan ku...btul ke ape yg aku tgk ni....seorang insan yg bename manusie tlah kehilangn nyawenye gare2 kesalahan org lain...nauzubillah...sedih yg tramat sgt...kpale n tubuh bdnye terpisah...
lntas terdetik d pkiran aku..cmane la klau aku yg berade d tmpat manusie trsebut..???smpat kah aku nk mnx maaf kat mak bapak aku???adk bradik aku..kwn2 aku???n yg plg pnting..tuhan aku..allah...emmm...begitu senangnye nyawe manusie nk mlayang........

my beloved famly...

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ok..b4 aku start mengarang..mst korg da taw kn ape yg aku nk karang nii..hahha..ok..mstila aku nk cite psl my fmly rite???ok..this is my fmly..i have 2 ssters n a younger brother...ape yg korg nmpak dlm pic lah tyme akk aku yg 2scnd 2 wedding..tyme keaadan sgt kucar kacir..msing2 tgalkn tugas smate2 nk snap pic 1 fmly..hahha...annywy.this is sweet memory 4 our fmly...hehhe..
before I was silly to even further...Lets get acquainted with my family ...ok. belakang dr kanan.(abah,kakngah,abang din,mak)brisan depan dr knn.(kaklong,anizam,aku)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

you're never alone

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Why, as the world spins, do I stand?You are never alone
Still as the leaves, when there is no wind,
Why does it hurt so much?
When everything you believe in, feels right,
Why am I falling?
When everything around me is rising with the sun,
Why look for pain?
When there is none,
Is heaven a place on Earth?
Or does it come from the heart,
Every breath I take, is another fire, burning up inside,
I know that sometimes the truth hurts, but don’t ever let it slide.
Am I the only one, who takes pride in the little things?
The colour of the sky at dawn,
The feeling, knowing you’ve got something to give,
Even though they spit in your fire,
The freedom to run the waves, whenever the time is right,
The joy, of taking pride in who you are,
Even though they try and scar,
The flame of the candle, dancing in the window pane,
You are fulfilled; you have nothing more to gain.
Is there another part of me?
A part I do not know,
Whatever the future holds, I cannot tell yet,
But I can now see the glow,
A shimmer of light,
A glimmer of hope,
In everything I do.
Feel every moment you live,
For you do not know,
When the sun will stop rising,
Become who you were born to be,
For everyone is here for a reason,
Discover the meaning of life,
You will know when you’ve found it,
The warm heart, and sound of tiny toes,
Pitt-pattering on the floor,
The sound of giggling and laughter,
Where there was none before.
Feel love, when you give,
Not only when you get,
I ask for one thing,
Don’t leave this world yet,
You have many more things to discover,
The light is upon you,
And remember…
You’re never alone.